18 Last Seed

I borrowed some plain clothes from Gerdur this morning and set off for Whiterun, shortly after dawn. I encountered (surprise!) three wolves some way between the two towns, and as I was unaccompanied and unwilling to bet my luck on any stray khajiit, I resolved myself to summon a fireball. Mother tried to teach me magic years ago, and while some of the lessons stuck, most of it is lost to me. Instead of a single fireball, I unleashed a stream of flames – it was much more effective than I had hoped. Being a Breton comes with its perks, one might say. I wasn't able to escape without injury, but a few nips and bites is better than having my entrails strewn about the road. I arrived in Whiterun only to find the main gate shut, but I was able to persuade the guard to allow me entry, having been witness to the decimation of Helgen. I gained an audience with the Jarl, Balgruuf. He agreed to send a contingent to Riverwood, and is preparing his hold for any further attacks. The Jarl also bid me to speak with his court mage, a horrendously ugly man by the name of Farengar. The mage requested that I explore an ancient ruin in order to find a tablet listing the sites of several dragon burials – however, he doesn't even know if the tablet is still in the ruin. Curious as I am to learn more of the dragons, I believe I'm going to decline that request. I must return to Gerdur with the good news, and begin thinking of my own future. I know I can't expect to rely on her charity forever, and I believe it best that I cut ties with any form of the rebellion as soon as possible. White I may mistrust the Imperial Legion, I do not wish to become an enemy to the Empire.


  1. Very nice going. I see Marlis her skills are even surprising herself (and at least she isn't suffering from rockjoint after nearly every wolf encounter like Gwenneth did). I barely plan on using any magic for my Gwenneth, so that should make your blog all the more interesting to read.

    A small side note: It's Last Seed, not Steed, just thought I'd mention it :)

  2. Ha, I caught it once, and it took my forever to find where it lists diseases in the menu. Still getting used to the new setup, but overall, I prefer it over Oblivion.

    I also managed to run into no less than 9 wolves on the way to Riften. I'm also playing on Master, which means I use up all of my magicka roasting one wolf, then have to run and jump over boulders to escape the others until my magicka is restored. I'm not sure how to explain that in the journal, so I'm just... not going to add it at all.

    *face-palm* Thank you! I knew it was seed, but somehow got stuck on steed. (What, I like horses.)