20 Last Seed

This morning, I spoke with the residents of Riverwood - it's a quiet town; the biggest scandal being the recent theft at the general goods store. As I am unsure of how to make myself less of a burden, I bid farewell to Gerdur and Ralof, and promised to send word when I had time. I don't know for certain that I will; perhaps once this war is over, and I won't be persecuted for not joining the rebellion. After staring aimlessly at a road sign for an embarrassing amount of time, I decided to head east, to a town called Riften. The road there took me through a snowy mountain pass, which gave way to a beautiful scenic autumn forest. The air smells like crisp fall leaves, and I now have a strong craving for cider and apple pie. I could easily imagine a quaint little home for myself here. I found myself picking flowers along the way; I shall see if there's any alchemical value to them before I do something silly, like braid them in my hair. I have 20 drakes, a bottle of mead, a slice of cheese, and Gerdur's borrowed clothing - I'm going to need to make some more coin, before I do anything. No more courier jobs, however.

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