22 Last Seed

Today was an utter disappointment. I spent the morning chasing rumors, but eventually I was able to track down Aventus in his ancestral home. He was chanting and praying as I entered, and when I found him in the upstairs parlor, he was crouched over skeletal remains. I can only imagine that he dug them up from the graveyard. At least, that's my hope, for the alternative is far more sinister. He insisted that I must be a member of the Dark Brotherhood, and that I must fulfill his contract on Grelod the Kind. No amount of persuasion could sway him; I fear there is no hope for him. I tried to alert the guards to what I had found, but it was common knowledge that Aventus was performing the Black Sacrament, and the guard was too occupied with the war to bother with it. They likely fear retribution from the Dark Brotherhood. Cowards. I then went to check on the Hall of Dead, hoping to ease my mind that Aventus was not yet a killer himself. I found no sign of any disturbed graves. There are whispers of several nord women who have recently been murdered, but no one will speak with me when I inquire for details. It's foolish to think a child could be responsible, but I worry, nevertheless. I don't know what else I can do; Aventus seems to be a lost cause. Much as I detest the woman, Grelod ought to know that her life is in danger.

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