23 Last Seed

I made a wrong somewhere, likely during that blizzard. Instead of going south, I went north, and have arrived in Winterhold. I was expecting a grand capital town, worthy of housing a college, but the city is scant more than a few skeletal homes and an inn. I was interested in taking a look at the college's library, but was denied access due to my abysmal lack of magical talent. The altmer at the gate was not exactly gentle in her disdain of me. She asked that I cast a firebolt, to prove my worth, but I have difficulty focusing my energies and can only unleash an unwieldy stream of flames. I must practice, if I am to enter. I'll spend the evening at the inn, and wait for the storm to pass before returning to Riften. I can't help but feel I've wasted a day. How disgusting!

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