24 Last Seed

On the way back to Riften, I stumbled upon the Forsaken Cave. I wouldn't have thought twice about it, however, while I was at Windhelm, I spoke with an elderly alchemist, who told me of an ancient White Phial, which is rumored to have incredible powers. I don't exactly recall what it's supposed to do, but I'm sure Mother would be fascinated by it. At any rate, Nurelion explained that he had been pursuing the phial for the better part of his life, and believed that he had finally discovered its location. However, his age and failing health prevented him from traveling. Out of pity, I promised that I would attempt to bring the phial back for him; I only meant to give him some sliver of hope, as I believe he will soon return to Aetherius. Perhaps it was cruel to make a promise I had no intention of keeping, but that hardly matters now, for I have found the cavern!

... There are draugr here. One awakened and caught me unawares. I was so terrified I screamed and blasted it with a fireball of such force that it sent the creature reeling back. I did not relent until it was burnt black and shriveled. Fire spells are much more effective when cast with both hands; however, it takes nearly all of my magicka to slay one undead. I'll need to stock up on restorative potions once I return to town. For now, I will take my time. There's no telling what else is down here.

... These blasted draugrs will be the death of me! Which fool nord thought to embalm the dead!? As there are corpses lining nearly every wall, I have taken to preemptively scorching them all, to be certain that they remain in the grave. My plan has thus far been to creep about like an alley cat, and pray that I don't set off any traps, or breathe too loudly and reawaken the dead. I cannot say how effective it is, but I am alive, for now.

... Four draugr. I have slain four draugr, all at once. I have lost a great deal of blood, and my arm pains me greatly. I shall rest for a spell before moving on.


  1. Ooh well done, good thing you have some fire magic. I also discovered the Draugr to be susceptible to fire, but was stupid enough to only realize it after the battle was long over.

    Respect for playing the game on such high difficulty, must be tough...

  2. It took me a long time to clear out that dungeon. I guzzled potions, died several times, and finally realized I can blast through all of my magicka, sprint away, crouch and hide, and wait for my magicka to restore.

    I'm ok handling one or two draugr, but in the boss battle, there were four of them, and I got destroyed. Had to set the difficult back in order to advance.
    Still, Master is a lot of fun, if you don't mind redoing things a few times before it works just right. :p