25 Last Seed

I fainted from the blood loss; a very dangerous predicament. I can't say how long I was out, but I woke to a very curious sensation. I felt as if I was being pulled forward by unseen forces. I remember hearing... chanting? It sounds crazy, I realize. It was almost as though I was enchanted, unable to control my own mind or body. All I knew was the call of that mural. Along the back wall of the cavern, there was a huge wall, covered in strange markings. There was one part that stood out to me, vividly. I don't know how to explain it, but I simply knew, deep in my heart, what that etching meant. I am disturbed by this turn of events. Perhaps I am losing my mind, perhaps I'm simply addled due to my injuries. It meant 'to kill'. It chills my blood, thinking of it. That wall was surely enchanted, infused with some nefarious magic. It's the only explanation that makes sense. I have resolved myself to gain entry to the College of Winterhold, so I might visit the Ysmir Collective. Surely there must be some knowledge of this foul magic?

Further exploring the crypt, I have discovered Nurelion's White Phial. It is cracked, but I hope someone will be able to restore it. Even so, my journey was not in vain, as I have amassed a nice sum of drakes, as well as precious gems, gold and silver ingots, ancient weapons, and enough ingredients to make Mother green with envy. I shall retire at the soonest possible point, and pray that my strength doesn't fail me before I can at least make it to the road. I recall seeing an inn, not too far from this cave. May the Eight protect and guide me.

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