28 Last Seed

I bought a horse from Shadr this morning. I was just about to set out, when I saw, from the corner of my eye, the most gorgeous draft horse. She is far larger than any of the horses in Cyrodiil, (I think nords must need large horses; the stable owner told me he earned his name by sitting on a colt and snapping its back in half. Poor thing.) her coat is a dappled grey, and her mane and tail are black, but she has white feathering on her legs. I have named her Zinovia.

... as I was traveling, I found a merchant sitting alongside the road. I offered him a ride back to his camp. As soon as he dismounted, he and his friends began pelting me with arrows! That will teach me to think twice before I lend anyone my aid. Zinovia was hit with a stray arrow, and while the wound doesn't appear to be critical, I think I'll stay at Ivarstead for a few days, in order to for her to recuperate.

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