29 Last Seed

After buying myself lunch and a drink, I spoke with the inn-keep, Wilhelm, and he informed me of a haunted barrow nearby. I know he meant it as a warning, but my curiosity got the best of me, and I simply had to take a look for myself. I no more than set foot inside the door, when I voice called out. 'Leeeeave, leave this place at ooooonce." My first thought was that the town had not a poltergeist, but a dunmer with poor taste in humor. I crept through the perfectly safe tomb, and found an elf - who looked very much like a ghost - sitting at a table, eating a loaf of bread. I, for one, have never heard of ghosts needing sustenance in order to manifest. As soon as the mer saw me, he attacked with a terrible lightening spell. (My hair is ruined, I fear.) I was startled by his reaction, and so I ran back to the antechamber. There was a series of levers needed to activate all of the main gates, and as I went to pull one, I heard a sickening sound. I turned, only to find this 'ghost' impaled on the iron gate. In my panic, I immediately lifted the door, but to my horror, the dunmer went up with the mechanism - the ghostly glow faded from him, along with his lifeforce. I pray to Arkay that it granted him a quick death - my restoration skills wouldn't have done him a bit of good. I told the guards and Wilhelm what had happened, but they all seemed relieved to know that the threat was eliminated. Wilhelm even gave me a little trinket of a dragon's claw as a token of his appreciation; I'm going to throw the thing in a lake as soon as I leave. I shall be haunted by the images I saw. At least it will break the monotony of revisiting Helgen in my dreams...

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