30 Last Seed

I returned to Shroud Hearth Barrow, and pulled the dark elf free. I lay his body to rest in one of the tombs lining the wall. I also found his diary, as well as two bottles of a 'phantom' potion. His name was Wyndelius, and he was looking for some sort of treasure in this crypt - he went so far as to concoct that potion, in order to scare away and adventurer's who came by. He had been living here for a year, and seemed to have lost his mind. In the end, he truly believed himself to be some sort of ghostly guardian. What a terrible fate.

... I managed to break through one of the locked doors, and found a strange arrangement on the back wall - a door with three slots, and three rotating wheels with pictures on them. After studying the dragon claw Wilhelm gave me, I was able to unlock the door. These claws appear to be keys!

... Another long, grueling trek through ancient caverns. More draugr. More puzzles. There were skeletons this time, but they're not quite so powerful as their fleshy cousins. At least I had thought enough to stock up on potions when I was last at Riften. I collected another tidy sum of coin and treasures. More importantly, I found another strange wall. It eases my mind, knowing that what I experienced before wasn't some grand delusion. The same unnatural pull, calling to me on some base level. This word meant 'Kyne'. Not as sinister as the last, but still puzzling. What does this mean? Now, more than ever, I feel I must get to Winterhold.

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