31 Last Seed

I stopped through Windhelm, in order to rest and trade my findings in for something more practical to a wayward adventurer. As I was leaving the market, I happened upon a gruesome scene. A nord woman had been found, brutally murdered in the graveyard. The attack was so violent, I could see clear down to the bone in many places. Whatever sick madman did this... She had been stripped of her clothing, but her coin purse and dagger were found not far from the body. I offered to help the guard track down the killer. I now know that Aventus couldn't possibly have anything to do with this. Something this ferocious could only be done by a strong, fully grown man.

... I spoke with the witnesses and examined the crime scene. No one saw anything, but I spoke with Helgrid, the caretaker, and she told me the wounds looked to have been made with nordic embalming tools. An interesting lead. I also found a trail of blood which led to an abandoned house. I'll need to speak with someone about getting the key.

... This house has been, by and large, untouched. There's a chest filled with leaflets and a bound journal. I wonder if this is the killer's lair? Could I defend myself if we were to cross paths?

... I've concluded my investigation. After searching the abandoned house, I discovered the diary of the butcher; a necromancer who hopes to create some sort of perfected undead. It turns my stomach thinking of it. I also found a strange amulet and a hidden room with an alter. I took the amulet to Calixto, who owns the oddity museum; he informed me that the necklace is a special item given only to court mages. Wuunferth the Unliving will never harm another innocent again. I presented my evidence to Jorleif, and the mage was arrested without incident.

... I went to check on Aventus. He thanked me profusely and gave me a silver plate. Apparently I could not hide my emotion, or else that child has telepathic abilities, for I had no intention of telling him the truth. While there may not be any hope for him, I still feel the need to make sure he's well. He doesn't have anyone in the world, and no one in Windhelm wants anything to do with him. I think it best I leave the city as soon as possible; it eats at my conscious to be near that boy. I'll have some mead at the candlewick and be on my way.


  1. Marlis sure picked up the taste of travelling. Good to see her still alive, I guess she's learning fast :)

    I also noticed you started updating the other parts of your blog (didn't check before), still think the extra sections you have are a pretty cool idea, I hope you have the time to keep everything updated a bit, because the blogs sure take some time...

  2. Heh, Marlis is managing pretty well. She tends to run from any fight she encounters, but overall, she's done well to get this far. There's hope for her yet.

    I've been trying to keep track of the important people I meet, and I really haven't touched any of the crafting. It's really daunting trying to remember every little detail, which is why I tend to be pretty vague in my updates. (I've been cheating and separating the days out on the journal. Even with sleeping and eating, I still manage to do multiple quests a day, which would really clutter things up, I think. In-game, I'm only at 24 Last Seed.)

    I'm not sure how I want to continue, because... Well, if you're trying to avoid major spoilers, you might not want to read the next entry. It's big.

  3. Ah, yes, some things need a bit of cheating, many things like cooking, crafting etc are instant, so I tend toi go sit at a riverbank and enjoy the scenery while I spend a so called day on crafting an armor. which is actually nice, because the scenery is worth admiring for a prolongued period. You start to notice so many details, the butterflies, jumping salmons, ants on a treestump, and the very cool weather effects, snowdrafts, awesome cloudy skies and sunset and rice can be awesome on a clear day.

    Curious for the next entry, I'll decide to read it or not as I go along I guess. It's not like I memorize things as I read them once, nor does reading info from other blogs really influence what Gwenneth does anyway.

    Looking forward to more :)

  4. Is it safe to assume that Marlis has lost her journal somewhere along the way and has engaged in an adventuring rampage? :P

    This game has a tendency to suck you in after all :)

  5. Ha, yeah. I will eventually get back to this, but I had a day off, and the next thing I knew, I had completed several guild quests and had no idea exactly how I got there. I feel bad about it, but I'm having too much fun with the game anyway.

    I noticed that you're still going strong, but you've also done some things that I haven't seen yet, and I want to keep some of the surprise there.

    Thank you for being such a devoted reader! When I do continue on with this, I'll let you know!

  6. Thank you, and I fully understand, I'm constantly fighting the urge to do the same :P
    I'm still having fun both playing and keeping up with the blog, but the blog does tend to eat up half my playing time...

  7. @Pudi - Haha sounds like you had too much mead the way you forgot how you got some place! :P
    I've just started the game so I have not yet encountered the problem of doing -too- much. The way you and Shilka write puts my adventures to shame that's for sure. Keep up the good work! :)

    Also, you can keep track of stuff by just writing key words down on a pad while playing. Seems to have worked for me so far but as I said, I'm still new. ^_^