Ralof - A Stormcloak; one of Ulfric Stormcloak's personal guards.

Gerdur - Ralof's sister. She runs the mill in Riverwood.

Hod - Gerdur's husband.

Lucan Valeruis - Runs the Riverwood Trader

Camilla Valerius - Lucan's sister.


Grelod the Kind - Runs the orphanage in Riften. A vile, cruel woman who's very existence is a joke, hence the contradictory nickname.

Shadr - Works at the stable.

Sapphire - Loaned money to Shadr.


Ulfric Stormcloak - Jarl of Windhelm and leader of the rebellion against the Empire.

Wuunferth the Unliving - Ulfric Stormcloak's court mage. Trains in destructive magic.

Aventus Aretino - An orphan who ran away from the Honorhall Orphanage. It's rumored that he wishes to contact the Dark Brotherhood.

Nurelion - Master alchemist and owner of the White Phial, located in Windhelm. He has dedicated his life to finding the White Phial, which is rumored to instantly amplify and purify any liquid that is placed within it.

Quintus - Nurelion's assistant.

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