•       Cannot use the in-game map, quest markers or hud
  •       No fast travel, aside from carriages
  •       No waiting for more than 2 hours at a time
  •       No use of the console, unless it's to fix a glitch
  •       No use of the internet, if I get stuck during the game
  •       No loading a previous save, unless the current one is too bugged to play
  •       If Marlis dies, I must do everything I did prior to her death – no altering course

* I will change the time-scale to 10. I'll only set it back to default if it ruins a quest.
* I'll be playing on Master (Hard).


  •       Only update the journal if Marlis has charcoal and parchment in her inventory
  •       May only use printed map after Marlis arrives at her first major city
  •       Must eat, drink, and sleep on a daily basis (2-3 meals and 6-8 hours of sleep)
  •       Must dress appropriately for the weather and her social environment
  •       Must seek shelter during storms
  •       Can't swim and must find a shallow area to cross rivers, or walk around them. If she does get in the water, she must stay under until she reaches shore, or risk drowning
  •       Can't carry more than 50 pounds in her inventory - she's a scrawny girl, not a pack mule
  •       Doesn't use soul-gems or Daedric items for moral reasons
  •       Must seek a trainer in order to unlock the first skill in a new perk tree


  1. I really like the rules you've set for Marlis, especially the extra ones specific to your character, like not being able to swim and not using soulgems/deadric artifacts.

    I do hope the carriage will actually travel along the paths in realtime, and won't be just an alternative instant fast travel... couldn't find anything in the forums about it.

    I also like your option for when death occurs, just do the same things untill you have a living outcome, I might opt for that one too myself.

  2. Thank you! I like adding a couple of extra limits, because it forces you to play the game differently than you otherwise would.

    I wish the carriages will be like Red Dead Redemption, where you can choose to watch it travel, but I think I read (possible a Pete Tweet) that it's just a teleport sort of thing. Still, I'll just pretend Marlis naps through the ride everytime.

    I'm glad they've added an autosave feature every few minutes, so that if I die, it won't be such a pain trying to get back to the same point. I'm too scared to do a dead-is-dead play, so this choice works for me.

    Thanks for commenting!